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Hide details for JavaJava
MDAAC2AGMNProgrammability - Java - Fixed a crash under Java_com_ibm_domino_napi_c* dealing with idtables
Hide details for Java Backend ClassesJava Backend Classes
STAABXT4LSClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where attachments lost any comma and semicolon characters from their filenames when attaching the file using XPage...
Hide details for Java ConsoleJava Console
BHUY89QGK7Designer - Fixed an issue where either the Java Debug Console would not launch from Domino Designer if "UseLSX "*javacon"" is used in LotusScript...
Hide details for LaunchLaunch
JADGC2HU9UClient - Mac - Big Sur - Fixed a crash trying to launch Notes. Workaround was as follows: In the file - /Users/username//Library/Application...
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
CSAOBUDBN2Programmability - LotusScript - Fixed a crash that could occur in ANAdminP::ANAAPApprove. This regression was introduced in 9.0.
KKOOA7ABL3Programmability - Lotuscript - Fixed an issue where the default replication entries of a database were not able to be removed using the...
KKOOBXGB65Programmability - LotusScript - Fix for rare crash during execution of Session.UserGroupNameList property in LotusScript.
MKENC47F4HProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed a race condition in LotusScript system services code which may lead to a crash.
Hide details for MailMail
OIBEA6JU4AClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where some buttons in mime emails were not displaying correctly.
ASHABWDCHTClient - Mail - Fixed a hang that would occur when try to drag and drop a mail message to the body field a newly composed mail message. This...
SSIHBXNEPEiNotes - Fixed an issue where focus would be lost after deleting documents several times within the mail view.
KMOABZ55UKiNotes - Fixed an issue where Verse and iNotes on-premise did not show the banner not the link to open the document in Notes if the Notes rich text...
PKAIBZ82LGiNotes - Fixed a problem where font color was lost when reopened a saved draft with pasted multi line text. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1...
DCONBRKN4XiNotes - Fixed an issue where rescheduling a meeting for all instances wasn't working when there was an external invitee.
HYZGC4B7RHiNotes - Fixed a problem where the height of To/Cc/Bcc fields was too large in Firefox 89.
SSIHC4U2T2iNotes - Mail - Fixed an issue where an unexpected line break appear on hitting enter in rich text editor on IE
HGARC4WKN2iNotes - Mail - Fixed an issue where the mail header was not correctly aligned.
RJJJBYRJC5Server - Mail - Fixed an issue where Domino was reordering the Content-type & Content-transfer-encoding headers as mail message passed thru Domino...
FPAIBZ7TE3iNotes - Fixed a problem where name validation would fail in iNotes and Verse if the internet mail address contained the "+"...
Hide details for Mail ClientMail Client
SAHNBSTFRRClient - Mail - Fixed an issue a particular mail messages that contained multiple attachments was only showing the first attachment when shown full...
NDIOBA3GPFClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where fonts would change to bold at random within the email body, address, and subject fields.
Hide details for Mail RoutingMail Routing
ASAEC5CBFPServer - MIME - Added an optional INI - MIMEAddVersionHeader that can be set to 0 to fix an issue where a non-MIME email received via Domino SMTP...


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